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The easy software solution for collecting and managing your risks – flexible and customized.

You choose your level of compliance because our modules can be integrated as a stand-alone solution, as an extension to your existing package or as part of the “beCompliant” turnkey package.

From experience. To best practice.

.LOUPE - Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing management system
with proven expertise

You implement an Austrian solution by using the .LOUPE whistleblower system that meets both the technical requirements of the EU Whistleblowing Directive and national whistleblower protection laws. The .LOUPE whistleblower system is based on practical experience and was developed specifically for practical use.
From experience. To best practice.

While conventional whistleblower systems use only written reports, the .LOUPE whistleblower system integrates an user-friendly, secure and trustworthy multi-channel reporting concept since 2019. Learn more about it.

Compliance as a service – all features of .LOUPE support compliance officers in fulfilling their tasks. This also applies to whistleblower protection. The system learns from your actions and completes deadlines easily, securely and compliantly (deadlines for removing data and reporting deadlines: confirmation of receipt within seven days and automatic status update within three months).

  • Written reports

    Anonymous reporting via the digital reporting channel

  • Oral report

    Reporting by phone directly or by voice recording and transcription

  • Personal report

    Direct appointment booking with the responsible people in the system

.LOUPE - Business-Partner-Compliance

With practical experience to fulfill your supply chain due diligence obligations.

Responsibility without limits – companies operate all over the world and are dependent on complex supply chains. Compliance to realize value requires that business partners take appropriate measures to protect human rights and the environment.

The focus on ethical/moral, sustainable and legal integrity reduces the risk of compliance violations that are based in the value chain.

You get access to internationally proven expertise, receive questionnaires on the main topics of the CSDDD as well as well-known supply chain laws and integrate optionally external databases for the additional collection of compliance and financial risks (including sanction screenings, ESG ratings, media screening) with .LOUPE – Business Partner Compliance.

  • Single and multi scoring

    .LOUPE evaluates answers, creates risk profiles for each topic in the form of a traffic light and integrates different indices to make decisions easy and careful.

  • Documentation and communication

    .LOUPE transparently documents the steps to implement your supply chain care. Get in touch with your partners and agree on necessary measures.

  • Management and usability

    .LOUPE supports the management of internal tasks such as follow-ups and prioritizes the actions of your business partners. It is also user-friendly and provides questionnaires.


A comfortable solution
to detect risks.

Create and manage your questionnaires on critical compliance topics (e.g. antitrust law, corruption, data protection, etc.) and carry out needs-oriented risk assessments in your organization. Easy. Secure. Compliant.

Our software enables the standardization of compliance risk assessments. This ensures that all relevant factors are taken into account and reduces the risk of human error. .LOUPE also helps identify potential risks and assess them, allowing companies to focus on the most critical areas and take appropriate action.

You can make your risk management simple and efficient with .LOUPE. This strengthens trust in your compliance management system and promotes the integrity of your organization.

  • Saving time and promoting efficiency

    .LOUPE handles your risk assessment and management processes.

  • Clearly documented

    .LOUPE enables comprehensive reporting of all risk assessments.

  • Easy and user-friendly

    .LOUPE doesn’t require any special knowledge, but it is easy and flexible to use.


The simple solution to avoid corruption risks and conflicts of interest.

The introduction of an automated approval process for invitations and gifts offers a number of significant advantages to effectively prevent corruption risks and conflicts of interest and strengthen the compliance management system.

.LOUPE knows the practical requirements. Trust in real practical experience, international expertise and the advantages of automated compliance measures.

An automated approval process creates transparency about who, when and why invitations and gifts are received or given. This enables seamless tracking and documentation of transactions. Additionally, an automated process helps ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws and other relevant regulations.

  • Objectivity and consistency

    Automation ensures consistent application of clear guidelines and criteria that are obligatory for all employees, preventing misunderstandings and arbitrary decisions.

  • Time and cost savings

    Manual reviews and approvals require a lot of time and resources. Automated processes are more efficient and significantly reduce the workload.

  • Auditability

    The automated records and reports facilitate internal and external audits and investigations in the event of individual suspicions.

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Even more .LOUPE features
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An overview of your compliance organization and measures to implement legal requirements (especially whistleblowing, anti-corruption and Supply Chain Due Diligence Obligations).


Comparable to a private workspace where you can manage and organize documents, training materials, etc.

An internal chat serves as a “coffee table” for common exchange within your organization.


Integration of and access to e-learning courses from lawpilots GmbH – excellent / certified e-learning in the areas of compliance, data protection and IT security.
powered by lawpilots

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Access and invitations to network meetings with cooperation partners and compliance experts.

Working together in the network.

* These modules are also part of the beCompliant package and can be implemented individually too.

Flexible at any time and adapted to your organization.

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