.LOUPE – Whistleblowing
Whistleblowing with proven expertise

.LOUPE not only consists of a simple, secure and legally compliant whistleblowing system, but also provides innovative support for risk identification, risk minimization, communication, control and the consequences of misconduct.

Each feature can be used individually or activated as a package with others. .LOUPE adapts to your requirements for modern compliance and risk management.

.LOUPE - Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing management system
with proven expertise

You implement an Austrian solution by using the .LOUPE whistleblower system that meets both the technical requirements of the EU Whistleblowing Directive and national whistleblower protection laws. The .LOUPE whistleblower system is based on practical experience and was developed specifically for practical use.
From experience. To best practice.

While conventional whistleblower systems use only written reports, the .LOUPE whistleblower system integrates an user-friendly, secure and trustworthy multi-channel reporting concept since 2019. Learn more about it.

Compliance as a service – all features of .LOUPE support compliance officers in fulfilling their tasks. This also applies to whistleblower protection. The system learns from your actions and completes deadlines easily, securely and compliantly (deadlines for removing data and reporting deadlines: confirmation of receipt within seven days and automatic status update within three months).

  • Written reports

    Anonymous reporting via the digital reporting channel

  • Oral report

    Reporting by phone directly or by voice recording and transcription

  • Personal report

    Direct appointment booking with the responsible people in the system

Effortless and Compliant Whistleblowing Channel

The “beAware” package is considered to be the little sister of “beSafe” in terms of system technology. It contains the necessary features of an effective whistleblowing system.

This system is suitable for companies that are at the beginning of their compliance measures and want a simple as well as secure implementation of the whistleblower policy and whistleblower protection.

The reporting options are limited exclusively to the written reporting channel. The following applies to processing: keep it safe and simple.

Legally compliant Whistleblowing Management meets ISO 37002

The “beSafe” package is for companies that focus on a policy-compliant whistleblowing management system (including ideas from ISO 37002:2021) and already have compliance processes/measures and structures in place.

It is also for those companies with a long-term interest in implementing effective compliance.

Conventional whistleblowing systems often only allow written reports. With “beSafe” you fulfill all technical requirements for the protection of whistleblowers in one application. Messages can be:

  • written (digital reporting channel, anonymous reporting possible)
  • verbal (anonymous interface telephone number, flexible and secure voice recording, automated transcription)
  • in person (book and manage appointments directly in the system)

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According to the motto – “To each their own” – discover the right package for your compliance organization and your intended measures.

.LOUPE Whistleblowing System
Anonymity Score IP screening and information about the visibility state of your whistleblowers. Verfügbar
Verbal Notifictaion Anonymous API phone number; Possibility of voice recording and automated transcription. Verfügbar
Written Notification Anonymous if desired. VerfügbarVerfügbar
Timetable Book and manage appointments for face-to-face reports. Verfügbar
Reporting Categories Management of targeted reporting categories. VerfügbarVerfügbar
IT Security when uploading Files Check uploaded files for malware and limit the uploads by file format and size. VerfügbarVerfügbar
.LOUPE – Case Management
Chat Communication and encrypted exchange of information with whistleblowers - without registration (no "mailbox" solution). VerfügbarVerfügbar
Management of Deadlines Automated completion of required deadlines (deadlines of 7 days or 3 months). VerfügbarVerfügbar
Case Sharing Secure sharing of case information with third parties without using emails and other solutions. VerfügbarVerfügbar
Case Management Complete documentation of your processing with memos, logs and notes directly in the system. VerfügbarVerfügbar
Translation of Foreign Language Reports Automated translation of foreign language messages in the system. Verfügbar
Initial assessment according to ISO 37002:2021 Mandatory assessment of incoming reports according to ISO 37002:2021. Verfügbar
Need-to-know Principle Manage the group of informed people. Verfügbar
Reminder and Task Management Plan your investigation and manage your tasks. Verfügbar
Expertise Secure integration of third-party statements in the incident. Verfügbar
Document Management Administration of incoming or self-created documents including a virus scan. VerfügbarVerfügbar
Final Report Create your final report directly – no integration of other systems or solutions required. Verfügbar
Statistics and Reports Create statistics and reports directly in the system. Verfügbar
.LOUPE – System Administration, Information, IT Security and Updates
Access Log Documentation of all internal accesses to the system and of all incidents. VerfügbarVerfügbar
User Management Unlimited number of users possible; flexible management of your compliance organization through different roles and escalation options. VerfügbarVerfügbar
Unit Management Integration of your affiliates as separate units in the system; Chinese walls between units possible. Verfügbar
Responsive Multi Device Design Automatic adaptation to users' devices (PC, smartphones, tablets, ...). VerfügbarVerfügbar
Two Factor Authentication VerfügbarVerfügbar
Single Sign On As an alternative to two factor authentication. Verfügbar
Investigation Guide for Compliance Officers Standardized process for case management as a template according to ISO 37002:2021. Verfügbar
Information for Employees Training documents for your employees. Verfügbar
Regular System Updates and Upgrades Including technical package adjustments and extensions (e. g. due to legal requirements). VerfügbarVerfügbar
Regular Security Updates Regular and event-related security updates (including measures to protect personal data). VerfügbarVerfügbar
Individualization - Corporate Design .LOUPE in the corporate design of your own organization. VerfügbarVerfügbar
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.LOUPE fully complies with all requirements from the EU-whistleblower-directive and enables reports in writing, oral and in person anonymously.

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Whistleblower-Protection and Data-Security

.LOUPE encrypts the reporting-process and runs exclusively on ISO-27001-certified servers (incl. all advantages of a SaaS-solution). Fully available also via the TOR-network (‘Darknet’).

Deadline management

.LOUPE automatically identifies important deadlines and unopened reports, informs timely and enables individual GDPR-compliant data deletion.

Digital workspace

.LOUPE checks uploaded documents for malware and enables an anonymous and secure communication between you and the whistleblower.

Lexis WhistleComplete
Our additional package for your comprehensive compliance strategy

Lexis WhistleComplete, an anonymous full-service whistleblowing system, was developed together with the experts from LexisNexis, Baker McKenzie and .LOUPE. This includes an external, neutral evaluation of all incoming leads by .LOUPE’s experts plus a lawyer’s recommendation for action in critical cases. By outsourcing the content-related processing, you achieve the secure, legally compliant clarification of all leads with reduced risk and effort.

Lexis WhistleComplete combines: state-of-the-art IT know-how from .LOUPE, in-depth compliance expertise from LexisNexis Austria and renowned legal advice from Baker McKenzie.

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