.LOUPE – Gift-Approval
for preventing corruption

.LOUPE knows the practical requirements. Trust in real practical experience, international expertise and the advantages of automated compliance measures.


The simple solution to avoid corruption risks and conflicts of interest.

The introduction of an automated approval process for invitations and gifts offers a number of significant advantages to effectively prevent corruption risks and conflicts of interest and strengthen the compliance management system.

An automated approval process creates transparency about who, when and why invitations and gifts are received or given. This enables seamless tracking and documentation of transactions. Additionally, an automated process helps ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws and other relevant regulations.

  • Objectivity and consistency

    Automation ensures consistent application of clear guidelines and criteria that are obligatory for all employees, preventing misunderstandings and arbitrary decisions.

  • Saving time and money

    Manual reviews and approvals require a lot of time and resources. Automated processes are more efficient and significantly reduce the workload.

  • Auditability

    The automated records and reports facilitate internal and external audits and investigations in the event of individual suspicions.

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