.LOUPE – Risk-Assessment
Efficient risk management

You can make your risk management simple and efficient with .LOUPE. This strengthens trust in your compliance management system and promotes the integrity of your organization.


A comfortable solution
to detect risks.

Create and manage your questionnaires on critical compliance topics (e.g. antitrust law, corruption, data protection, etc.) and carry out needs-oriented risk assessments in your organization. Easy. Secure. Compliant.

Our software enables the standardization of compliance risk assessments. This ensures that all relevant factors are taken into account and reduces the risk of human error. .LOUPE also helps identify potential risks and assess them, allowing companies to focus on the most critical areas and take appropriate action.

  • Saving time and promoting efficiency

    .LOUPE handles your risk assessment and management processes.

  • Clearly documented

    .LOUPE enables comprehensive reporting of all risk assessments.

  • Easy and user-friendly

    .LOUPE doesn’t require any special knowledge, but it is easy and flexible to use.

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