.LOUPE solutions in compliance
for authorities and public institutions

.LOUPE is also listed as a compliance solution by the Federal Procurement Agency (BBG).
Made in Austria.

.LOUPE for public institutions and authorities

Compliance solutions for authorities and public institutions

Authorities, corporations and companies that are subject to audits by the Court of Auditors have certain compliance obligations. We offer simple solutions to implement these requirements securely and in compliance with the law.

.LOUPE supports you in fulfilling the legal requirements efficiently and effectively. Our system provides simple and legally compliant support in the implementation of whistleblower protection (whistleblower system within the meaning of the HSchG), in the disclosure of information (within the meaning of the Freedom of Information Act), in the implementation of supply chain due diligence obligations, in risk management or in measures to reduce corruption risks.

  • Suitable package solutions

    Customized solutions to meet the requirements of this target group appropriately, simply and securely

  • Service is not an end in itself at .LOUPE

    Possibility of support and advice in the planning, implementation and operation of the compliance management system

  • Experience and expertise

    Benefit from our many years of experience – from experience, to best practice.

  • Network

    .LOUPE cooperates with the leading experts in the field of compliance in Austria (e.g. Baker McKenzie Austria, rosa elefant OG, LeitnerLaw, …).

  • IÖB certified

    We have been certified by independent experts as “IÖB certified”.

    IÖB certified

  • BBG partner

    BBG Partner Bundesbeschaffung

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