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The “beSafe” package is for companies that focus on a policy-compliant whistleblowing management system ( including ideas from ISO 37002:2021) and already have compliance processes/measures and structures in place.

It is also for those companies with a long-term interest in implementing effective compliance.

Legally compliant Whistleblowing-Management
Meets ISO 37002

Conventional whistleblowing systems often only allow written reports. With “beSafe” you fulfill all technical requirements for the protection of whistleblowers in one application. Messages can be:

  • written (digital reporting channel, anonymous reporting possible)
  • verbal (anonymous interface telephone number, flexible and secure voice recording, automated transcription)
  • in person (book and manage appointments directly in the system)

.LOUPE is intuitive and provides automated support in meeting deadlines and information obligations. Processing is carried out in an investigation-/case-management system that meets the practical requirements of compliance officers. Experience and expertise that have proven themselves.

Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive
is also of interest to you?

Digitalized and automated whistleblowing management as a basis for your compliance management system.

Digitalized and automated whistleblowing management as a basis for your compliance management system.

Stand-alone solution for your whistleblowing management. Process your reports only using .LOUPE. One fits all!

Easy access to reliable expert knowledge. Working in a network.

Ability to integrate other building blocks of .LOUPE.

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From Experience –
To best Practice

.LOUPE offers proven steps to support your compliance organization in implementing the necessary compliance measures.

We take Compliance serious.
This is also shown by the numerous positive feedbacks and success stories from our customers, which we publish here on our website.

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Three Packages
And lots of Features

According to the motto – “To each their own” – discover the right package for your compliance organization and your intended measures.

We deliberately offer three models so that you can find the package that perfectly suits your requirements. If you need a little bit more, check out our beSafe and beCompliant packages.

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